Kanha Shanti Vanam Calling! Just about 25 kms from Rajiv Gandhi International Airport, Hyderabad, a spiritual retreat centre, spread over 250 acres, with a fully integrated township awaits you. Discover a whole new world, your inner world.

An abode of serenity

Inside: The Heartfulness Ashram, an oasis of calm, an abode of learning, the forest of peace, Haritha Mitra (Green Friend), a rainforest in the making, an integrated township… a place for seekers of balance in their lives.

Balm for the urban soul

Soon Kanha Shanti Vanam’s Grand Meditation Hall (once it is fully operational) would be able to host spiritual gatherings of around 100,000 people. All under one roof.

Taking the century-old lineage of spiritual masters forward, Kamlesh Patel, popularly called Daaji, believes that The Heartfulness Meditation unlocks the true potential of an individual and enables him or her to chart their destiny. It’s backed by science and extensive research. The essence of Heartfulness meditation is the ancient art of yogic transmission or pranahuti (prana meaning life force and ahuti meaning offering). The effect of Heartfulness meditation with pranahuti on brainwave patterns, heart rate and blood pressure, vagus nerve activity and telomere length on chromosomes, amongst other things, are being supported by research and scientific studies..


Words of Wisdom

Activate spiritual awakening and it happens in the very first session as The Sahaj Marg is a simple and scientific way to spirituality. The Heartfulness Way is now a way of life for millions, making mediation inclusive and enabling them to tap into inner happiness.

Where your inner self blossoms

A rainforest in the very heart of the Deccan: Green Kanha Initiative, nurturing India’s mega bio-diversity, is a sanctuary for over 600 species of rare, endangered indigenous species. Creating an ecosystem, a micro-climate and a safe haven for the collective good, spread over 25 acres of land, is an arduous task taken up by Kanha Shanthi Vanam.

Earth and abundance













An arboretum of medicinally important trees, a germplasm bank of the tree species from peninsular India, a haven for trees (1000 plus trees translocated) that are being cut due to road widening projects, Green Kanha aims to turn the dry and barren region into a lush green space (more than 2,50,000 trees have been planted till date).

Simple Pleasures




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