Veeraswamy is the oldest surviving Indian restaurant in London – having first opened its doors in 1926.

It is located in busy and wealthy Regent Street, just down the road from Oxford Circus tube station.

It was originally opened by an Edward Palmer, a retired Indian Army officer and the grandson of an English general and an Indian princess – Palmer revolutionised London’s Indian dining scene, making it fashionable for everyone to afford and eat a good ‘ruby’.

In its early days, the Veeraswamy restaurant just used to serve Anglo-Indian dishes, but nowadays it prides itself in serving up specialist dishes from the Punjab, Lucknow, Kashmir, and Goa regions of Asia.

In 2016 the Veeraswamy restaurant was awarded a Michelin star. The place offers a comprehensive menu of traditional Indian cuisines prepared in modern culinary style. A 3-course meal with wine and service charges will cost you anywhere from  £85- £90 per person.




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