Mission #1MillionTravelSecrets

Join us in our mission to collect #1Million Travel Secrets!

Our mission is fun: We aim to become the largest custodian of travel secrets in the world! And day by exciting day, we are inching closer to our goal, with contributions from people across the world. 

Share a travel secret with us. If we like it, we’ll give it a number and publish it. Once your secret is part of our collection, you become part of the Travel Secrets family. Write for us, share pictures, travel stories. If we hit it off instantly, and/or you contribute for three issues, you become a Correspondent and get to enjoy the perks of being a travel journalist—no matter where in the world you live. Think restaurant reviews, press meets, invites to fun festivals and events, the opportunity to meet celebs, and best of all—all-expenses-paid domestic and international media trips!  

So what does a “Travel Secret” look like? Browse our website for examples, and you’ll know! 

We look forward to hearing your secrets, and promise not to let them remain secrets:)

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